Design Your Own Driver Cover Competition

From Plain to Insane
May 7, 2019

Go Crazy, Go Wild, Get Doodling!


With all that is going on in the world at the moment and not being able to get out on the golf course we thought that we would try to do something fun for children and adults alike. Put the phones, tablets etc down (after downloading and printing our template of course) and grab crayons, felt tips, biros, pencils, paints or whatever mediums you have to hand. It doesn’t have to be golf related. Get your creative minds flowing, design your very own driver cover and enter our competition.

We have split the competition into 4 age groups with the winner of each category getting their own design printed and made into a cover for free. To top that off we have 4 very special judges to make the decisions for us! Scroll down to see who they are and how it all works.

The Who And The How

Download the template here, A4 for easy printing. The winners designs will be rescaled. The four age group categories and judges are as follows:

0-6 The winner chosen by Bethany Wood

7-12 The winner chosen by Chris Wood

13-18 The winner chosen by John E Morgan

18+ The winner chosen by Eddie Pepperell

No digital software/computers or the likes are allowed for this, freehand all the way here. Once you are happy with your design take a clear photo of it and either tag us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook with #mydrivercover or email us at with your/your childs name and age. You can enter as many times as you’d like just tag each design individually.

Please keep your designs as we will need them.

The closing date is midnight Sunday 10th May 2020 with the winners being announced Friday 15th May.

Just have fun. Feel free to share with family and friends! The more the merrier.