Copper Comes Home

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January 15, 2019
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May 7, 2019

Early in 2013 we released two one piece milled solid copper IKB 2 putters, I say we released them but in reality they were so beautiful I kept them both.  After a few years of careful nurturing and watching them develop a rich dark patina it was time for my babies to flee the nest.  One went to the US of A and the other to a friend in Bristol, it was a sad day.

Fast forward to 2019 and one of my baby birds returned home. Due to a strange set of circumstances copper putter No. 2 was purchased by the American owner of copper putter No. 1 and had been returned to me for a little spa treatment.

Unfortunately, the previous owner had neglected to use a cover and as copper is a very soft metal, the putter had suffered quite a few dings and dents. So this is the story of what we did to restore her to her former glory.


The first step was to check the loft and lie. Copper putters with thinner necks will always have a tendency to bend when the golfer leans on the putter to pick the ball out of the hole. I placed the putter in the loft and lie machine and it was reading 74° lie angle and 2° loft so I bent it back to 71°

 lie and 3° loft, absolute perfection.

The next stage was to burn the head off and dress all the little nicks and dents out by hand using diamond files and emery cloth, then she went into the blast cabinet for the perfect finish. I love the look of copper when it has just had a vapour blast, it is almost an orangy pink.
On to paint fill. The original putter had no paint but the new owner wanted me to go to town on it so I went for a Tiffany blue and black combo. These colours will pop off the brand new orange/pink copper finish but will also continue to pop as the copper slowly darkens over time.

Because we make every cover by hand in our workshop in Bristol it affords us the luxury of being able to specifically match every cover we make to any putter, so this one was always going to feature the colours of the putter head.

We went for a black carbon fibre vinyl with a complex geometric pattern embroidered over the top, finally Readman & Co along with our logo in a matching Tiffany blue.