ETP1 27 Of 33 Stealth Putter
June 15, 2020
Blooming Braincase Ltd Edition Driver Covers
June 25, 2020

ETP1 Slate Grey Flow Neck Putter


This ETP1 flow neck putter, recently found in a box, has been given the full on 2020 treatment.  Numbered 27, one of only 33 heads produced back in 2010.

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ETP1 flow neck finished in slate grey and perfectly complimented with metallic silver and sapphire green paint fill.  A few ETP1 heads, produced back in 2010, recently found in a box and given the full on 2020 treatment. An extremely rare putter indeed.

LengthCut to length
Face MillingFly Mill
Neck/OffsetFlow neck with 3/4 shaft offset
FinishSlate grey cerakote
Paint FillMetallic silver and green sapphire
AlignmentSight line
GripLaced snakeskin in sea foam
HeadcoverPittards leather and snakeskin 3 piece
ShaftSteel flare tip with matt black cerakote finish

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