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Copper Comes Home
February 20, 2019
Design Your Own Driver Cover Competition
April 20, 2020

We are quite often approached by customers who have a possible theme for a cover but equally have no idea what they are really looking for. In this instance the customer was Mike Webb aka ‘Webbie’ who was a member at the golf club where I was Head Pro.  Mike was not one to over complicate things and asked if we could design a cover with a spider’s web on it. 

A headcover with just a web on it would have been pretty average and that's not our style at all. We like to try and give our designs a little twist in one way or another and we thought you might like to see the process we used when creating this cover. It’s way less digital than you think!  Good old fashioned pen and paper at its finest!

The light bulb moment for this cover happened when I was on the phone. I started doodling M's and W's on a scrap of paper.  As you can see from the first image (along with a FJ MyJoy order and a coffee stain) with the ‘M’ and ‘W’ forming the head and fangs a spider was born. The image that is circled was the catalyst for the future design. 
The second step was to rough out a more solid image of how I thought the spider should look. After doing these sketches I then found a body and some legs that I thought would work well together. It was a bit like an insect version of Mr Potato head!  This then led me onto the third sketch which was a more accurate drawing that we would later digitise and use in the final piece.
The web was fairly straightforward in that we wanted it fairly thick for embroidery purposes and not uniform in its pattern and shape. The final image shows the technical info we use to embroider, as you can see it has 15,543 stitches.
Finally after a discussion about colours and placement of the design we set about cutting and sewing to create what we think is a really cool bespoke headcover. All of the drawings are done by hand expect for the one with the technical info on it, that’s how we roll.