My Current Favourite Putters, Headcovers & Ball Markers

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November 6, 2018
My Favourite Headcovers of all time – Part One
November 27, 2018

2018 IKB1 and IKB2 Perpetual Putters

2018 has seen the release of our latest IKB putters, aptly named after one of the greatest engineers of all time, Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Not only did he have a ridiculously cool name, but he was also responsible for designing the Clifton suspension bridge, the SS Great Britain and the Great Western Railway.

The new IKB model features several new modifications which will enhance and improve this already iconic design. Firstly, we have upped the weight to 360g from 350g, the loft remains at 3 degrees.

Secondly, we have reduced the width of the top line to 8mm, not only does this offer a cleaner look at address but allowed us to move weight towards the bumpers which, in turn, makes the head more forgiving and playable.

We have also introduced a range of new finishes including gloss black, stealth black, antique bronze, slate blue, red oxide and cobalt oxide. Finally, there is an option for an incredible pocket inlay which we have named “Pearl Jam”, there are six colour options.

To summarise, this is one of the most successful and popular designs of all time and due to the combination of modern milling techniques and working by hand the IKB will continue to go from strength to strength.

Ball Markers

When I first started playing golf a ball marker was a simple plastic thingummyjig which was susceptible to being blown off the green by a puff of wind, thank goodness things have moved on. That said, and this is just my opinion, the poker chip (although a cool idea) was so big it was like using a chocolate digestive biscuit.

So, this brings us to our markers, not too big, not too small and milled from billets of stainless steel or brass.

Every single marker is stamped and paint filled by hand ensuring that no two markers will ever be the same, a far cry from something which is punched out of a sheet of metal and produced on mass. We are also offering a bespoke/personalised option on all of our markers.

This is only the start of the SRC ball marker story, we will be looking to release markers made from other metals including copper, but also precious and rare metals inlaid with precious stones.

Watch this space.

Harris Tweed Headcover

Virtually from day one we have used the infamous Harris Tweed in our range of products. The character and beauty of Harris Tweed is attributable to the fact that it is the only fabric produced in commercial quantities by truly traditional methods anywhere in the world.

Hundreds of distinctive patterns have been developed over the centuries, each unique but unmistakably Harris Tweed, hand spun, and hand dyed by the crofters and cotters in the Outer Hebrides.

I am led to believe the Harris Tweed “Orb” is perhaps the world’s oldest logo. All the quirky names we use for our many tweeds are named after British wild flowers, we have and always will use this magnificent fabric in our family of products.

Camo Headcover

Camo has always been a favourite with SRC and also our customers, whether it is a blue, pink or red urban camo leather from Pittards or Military spec Gore-Tex, through to Ballistic nylon, the patterns are endless.

The fabrics are tough, lightweight and waterproof. Along with putter covers and wood covers we also offer valuables bags, tee bags, drill stick covers, and you will also see one or two camo tour bags popping up early next year.