Decades of experience in creative design and technology, coupled with a passion for perfection, has culminated in the SRC range of beguiling yet classic golf equipment.

Take a look around the website and you will discover an exclusive realm in which artisan craftsmanship and design amalgamate into products of unsurpassable quality and style. 

It all began in Bristol, England - Scott's birthplace and the home of British Engineering.  Scott became gripped by the world of golf and at the age of 16 he became a PGA professional and dedicated his life to the game. 

For the past 30 years Scott Readman has studied golf equipment design, the materials used and the manufacturing process, continually looking for ways to improve and evolve. From hours as a young pro, delicately refurbishing and repairing beautiful persimmon woods, to crafting and shaping his own putters and wedges for tournaments.

In 2009 the SRC company was founded, joined by his Creative Director Emma they began the process of creating a collection of world class putters, covers and accessories.  Focused on quality handmade equipment that would not only perform but will exhibit a unique elegance and panache.  

Every angle, shape, texture, and detail has been explored in creating these products.  Today you will find the SRC brand everywhere from the bags of club golfers to tournament professionals around the globe, on all the tours, in all the Majors, The Ryder Cup and even The Olympics.  From humble beginnings to the world stage. 

Scott and Emma (SRC) are obsessed with perfection, they have a relentless and infectious passion for delivering the ultimate products for every taste. 

Please feel free to give us a call or drop us a line we love a good chat.